The School

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The School Prayer

Have in Thy Keeping O Lord, This school,That Our Work May be Thorough hand Our life Joyful that from it may go out Strong in Body Mind and Character Men who in thy name and thy power Will serve their fellows faithfully,Through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

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The School anthem

Lord while for all mankind we pray,
Of every Clime and coast,
Oh hear us for our native school,
The school we love the most x3 


The prefects at Alliance High School forms one of them most humbler beginnings of leadership service of Alliance High School alumnae.
Leadership at Alliance is demonstrated at class captains, house leaderships, house committee, class committee, club leadership, society leadership among many other fronts.
They are taught to be self disciplined, initiative and embracing team work to achieve most activities.
Many are have served or are now leaders in various capacities serving the country and world at large.

Tie Test

Every new student is oriented to the school through a guardian, a form two student who does what was done to him previous year, guiding the new student to understand the history of the school, school tenets and all that makes up bush.

The Staff

The school bosts the best staff in the country. They dedicate their time, skills and experience to nurture the boys in the four years they are at bush.

The Unwritten Laws

Over the years, Alliance High School has not had written laws. The school culture would mold one to use his common sense to do what they intend to.

School Culture

This is the sum total of all that happens in the school from the time one joins and leaves. The school has developed a set of culture that shapes one to be perfect leader.