School Management

ahs boardroom

The School Management

The school is lead by a team of various qualified teams who offer selfless service to the school we love the most.
They include: 

The Board Of Management

Led by Mr. Sam Ncheeri the team is made up of smart team that has been the backbone of the school. The team has given its best to create the best breading ground of the best brains in the world.

The Parent Teacher Association

Led by Prof. Maina of Pioneer University the team brings  together parents and teachers to work as a team to realise the dreams of  Alliance High School


Caucas is made of parents who have chosen to work with the class teacher side by side for the success of the students. Each class is represented by a set of parents who coordinate activities of the class

The School Administration

Led by the Principal Mr. D. Chomba, the School administration is made up of the pentagon that is made up of Deputies, Senior Masters (Routine and Services).